Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

141 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Dining date: 8/23/12

7885432392 8470c2de9b Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

Patina is one of those restaurants that seems like it’s been around forever and always will be. I first ate here on my 21st birthday; I don’t remember much specifically but I remember it being a good meal. Even though I’ve lived within walking distance for the past four years, it took me just over six years to return. I never had a sense of urgency, perhaps because the first meal did not leave a very strong impression.

A couple of my coworkers recently had a private dinner at Patina to kick-start the launch of their new nonprofit (see: Edo Foundation). Coincidentally, it was also around the time of a chef transition, as outgoing chef Tony Esnault was replaced by sous chef Charles Olalia. My coworkers loved the meal and raved about it; six years was far too long – I was ready for a return visit.

7885434110 d554720d6d Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

A la carte as well as a three or four-course promotional market menu (which may or may not be extended) are available, as well as a seven course tasting menu. It’s not cheap by any means, but its $115 price point was less than I thought it’d be.

Le Citron Rose absolut citron, chambord, lemon sour
Bourbon Brillant bourbon, grand marnier, fresh grapefruit

7885430882 c5c0827302 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

We started with drinks; I swear they tasted kind of watered down, not unlike a meal I had earlier in the week.

Sweet Corn Soup crostini, corn, chive oil

7885428900 6471fac12e Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

We began the meal with this amuse bouche, a chilled soup showing off the natural sweetness of corn. Chive oil provided a little bit of the grassy herb flavor while tiny bits of toasted crostini provided the texture.

A trio of breads were served: wheat, olive and baguette. The first one I had was the baguette, which I found to be very chewy and rather hard to eat, kind of terrible. The olive, which came hot out of the oven later, fared much better displaying a crispy crust, airy interior and subtle olive flavor.

7885421692 4f2f450417 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

Dungeness Crab FraÎcheur champagne mango, avocado, tomatoes

7885427248 4db12516f0 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

Crab and avocado were wrapped in thin slices of mango in a beautiful display. I thought the flavors were pretty well-balanced, though the mango may have overshadowed the crab a bit. Tomatoes provided a different kind of sweetness to pair with the mango and crab, while bits of crostini (soaked in tomato juice) provided the texture.

Poached Farmed Egg peas, kalamansi, arugula

7885425316 d4534d07ac Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

7885423344 6b661f2721 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

Hard to go wrong with a perfectly poached egg; here it was paired with a duo of peas in puree form and freshly shucked. The runny egg yolk brought everything together, adding a welcome richness, while arugula provided a little bit of a countering bite. For the third course in a row, the same small pieces of crostini provided the texture.

Fancy decanter.

7885419074 dc0d6d08af Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

Seasonal Glazed Vegetable Mosaic ”jus de cuisson,” lemon oil

7885417170 b687e00ea5 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

7885415872 dfe8f786a7 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

A signature dish of former chef Tony Esnault – this was the lone course kept on the menu through Chef Olalia’s transition. It was a beautiful dish, featuring whatever was fresh at the market, and each vegetable was cooked separately to coax out their natural flavors. Indeed, I think each vegetable’s flavor stood out on its own while the savory jus and lemon oil brought everything together.

Black Cod Confit tarbais beans, piquillo pepper, green almond

7849307076 a7c0c18676 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

I think this was my favorite course of the evening, with a black cod that was first steamed then poached in olive oil. The cod itself was cooked perfectly, moist and succulent, while tarbais beans provided some earthy creaminess. Waxy green and yellow beans, sweet piquillo peppers, and a warm sauce rounded out the plate.

Colorado Lamb Loin courgette, porcini, farro, lamb jus

7885414490 c101c97a08 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

7885413138 6ed928c174 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

The last savory dish was a duo of lamb, presenting a roasted loin portion and a basteeya preparation. Both pieces of lamb were delicious, particularly with the jus – I wanted more. The basteeya, a savory Morrocan pie of sorts, featured tender confit lamb in a crispy, flaky pastry. Quite nice. However, the accompanying piece of eggplant was terrible, having an off-putting astringent flavor that was shared among all four of us dining.

Harry’s Berries Strawberries crème fraîche, buttermilk ice cream, basil granité

7885411668 5965bc134a Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

The first dessert featured the well-known and reliably sweet strawberries from Harry’s Berries. Seriously, those berries are always delicious. Here, they were paired with a buttermilk ice cream, chopped nuts, and creme fraiche custard. The balance of tart and sweet was a successful one, while basil provided some depth of flavor.

Chocolate Moelleux dacquoise, passion fruit, hazelnut sorbet

7885410546 2b413be048 Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

The last course of the evening had a few chocolate presentations. Chocolate in a meringue and crisp paper form were accompanied by extra chocolate in the form of a nutella sorbet. A passion fruit sauce really brightened things up.

Peach and Cassis Pate de Fruits, Peanut Butter Fudge

7885408738 1befaa8c6b Patina (Los Angeles, CA)

Lastly, some sweets were brought out to finish the meal. Both were good; my favorite was the fudgey peanut creation.

I found Patina to be a good meal, meeting expectations. Execution was mostly on point with a broad array of colorful and flavorful presentations. Having said that, I’m not sure I would rank Patina in the top few restaurants in the city. There weren’t any dishes that particularly wow’ed, and a few bad missteps (baguette and eggplant come to mind) really didn’t help. Still, it’s one of the few real fine dining restaurants going strong in this city, so I suspect it won’t take me quite as long to return next time around.

Lawry’s (Beverly Hills, CA)

Lawry’s The Prime Rib
100 N La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Dining date: 8/12/12

7865483638 c22e453e26 Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

Lawry’s an institution in L.A., nestled in the middle of La Cienega’s ‘restaurant row’ since 1938. That location was the first of many for the chain, which now has restaurants internationally. Growing up in San Francisco, I visited the House of Prime Rib a number of times and always heard comparisons when I moved to Los Angeles. I first came while in college with my dad and found the restaurant eerily similar to my S.F. comparison. For what it’s worth, Lawry’s opened first.

The food at Lawry’s is not complicated or fussy. Sure there are some fish and other meat options, but most people opt for a slice of prime rib (sizing varies from a petite boneless cut to an almost obscene bone-in chunk of meat), served with horseradish, Yorkshire pudding, and mashed potatoes. Sides such as creamed spinach, creamed corn, sauteed mushrooms, baked potatoes, and asparagus are extra.

One of my favorite parts about Lawry’s is waiting for a table (imagine that!). In the waiting room are meatballs in a marinara sauce and house-fried potato chips. I must say they’re pretty tasty and it’s always a struggle not to eat too much. I always end up with a couple of small plates, though.

7865480352 b7f9c8d215 Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

7865476170 95251ffccb Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, shredded beets, chopped eggs and croutons, tossed with exclusive vintage dressing

7865468594 e10833ac5e Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

A large salad bowl is put on ice and literally spun, as dressing is poured into the bowl from high above.

Whipped Cream Horseradish grated fresh horseradish and seasoned whipped cream

7865516050 6c33f7e372 Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

When it’s time for the main course, large silver carts are wheeled around filled with racks of prime rib. Yes, please.

7865514484 d0238f4938 Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

Five ‘sizes’ of prime rib are available ($35-$53); below are the three largest.

The Lawry Cut traditional and most popular cut

7865506752 97f0483246 Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

The Diamond Jim Brady Cut an extra-thick portion that includes the rib bone

7865499104 c8aa8cc89a Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

The Beef Bowl Cut a double-sized cut with the rib bone

7865510706 4050dbec78 Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

A large slab of beef is put on each plate, topped with au jus, and served with the sides of choice. It’s quite a sight, for sure. I think the cooking temperatures were pretty spot-on and consistent (easier to do with prime rib than steaks), and I found the prime rib to be tender and juicy. There was a good beefy flavor and I particularly liked their au jus (ask for extra on the side). Total comfort food for me, particularly with the creamy mashed potatoes and gravy.

Lobster tails were available to add to the meal – $16 for one and $24 for two.

7865494866 b610975375 Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

While I thought the lobster tails were reasonably priced, I didn’t think they were anything special. You get what you pay for, I suppose. Save the money and upgrade for a larger cut of beef.

Similar to previous visits, I left my meal at Lawry’s content and full. Prime rib and mashed potatoes happen to be two of my favorite foods, so it’s hard to go wrong. However, prime rib is a relatively easy thing to make at home and I wouldn’t say the beef here is that much better than what a typical home cook can do. But hey, it’s still pretty delicious, good for large groups and has a sense of timeless nostalgia; for that, I’ll be returning here for many years.

7865492070 fa2db3dbe1 Lawrys (Beverly Hills, CA)

5×5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

5×5 Chefs Collaborative Dinner
Bouchon Beverly Hills
238 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Dining date: 8/20/12

7836315590 83a46f60c4 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

I attended the first 5×5 dinner of the season at Melisse, but have unfortunately missed the last two due to some conflicts (Providence & Angelini Osteria). I was glad to be able to attend this latest one, which happened to be one of my most anticipated L.A. meals of the year. Having an all-star cast of L.A. chefs was part of it, sure, but there were four other opportunities for these 5×5 dinners. The difference-maker for me was the rumor that Thomas Keller (one of my favorite chefs, duh) would be around to survey the kitchen and meet & greet guests.

The guest chef for this dinner was Richard Rosendale of The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Rosendale will be representing the U.S. at the upcoming biennial chef competition Bocuse d’Or, something Thomas Keller has been strongly involved with. In preparation for the competition Keller has been taking Rosendale around the country to broaden experience and exposure. This was their latest stop (Rosendale revealed the next would be a stint at The French Laundry).

7836313874 61051be2c5 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Similar to previous 5×5 dinners, each chef prepared one course, while the home restaurant’s pastry chef created a seventh.

7836311710 b742b4b510 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

We started with a few cocktails (left to right).

Moscow Mule 
Basil Basil Basil Hayden Bourbon, Normandin Mercier Pineau des Charentes, Fever Tree Soda, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Basil, Basil Simple, Highball
Blackberry Bramble Nolet’s Gin, Lucien Jacob Creme di Cassis, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Blackberries, Rocks

7836304934 1e5b1b2d4b 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

We generally found the cocktails to be fairly watered down, which may have been partially caused by us waiting until all three were served (it took some time for the last one to come).

“Gougères” sauce Mornay with preserved black winter truffle

7836310856 4473c19bf4 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

The first thing to come out of the kitchen was this strong amuse bouche. The gougeres were similar to one of the signature starters at The French Laundry, albeit this one had a strong truffle flavor that really separated this bite. Hard to go wrong with cheese and truffles.

Sterling White Sturgeon Caviar Vidalia onion soubise, Hobbs Shore bacon, rye panna cotta & red ribbon sorrel (Rory Hermann, Bouchon)

7836309906 82390bf4c5 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

7836305658 608b089311 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Next was home chef Rory Hermann’s dish. The caviar and sweet onion flavors were what stood out most, and I found the rye panna cotta to be very interesting – essentially a rye bread in smooth custard form. The flavors came together pretty well in this light starter.

A trio of breads were available this evening: the signature epi, brioche and multi-grain. I went with the first two; the epi was reliably good but I enjoyed the soft, buttery brioche even more.

7836303378 8d88e0aa44 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Cuttlefish Salad sea bean-green goddess, espelette, cuttlefish cracklings (Michael Voltaggio, ink.)

7836308760 8d5b5f954b 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Voltaggio’s dish featured a duo of cuttlefish – one in pasta-like ribbons and the other as fried “cracklings.” I really liked the texture between the delicate chew of the cuttlefish, crispy fried cuttlefish and crunch of the dehydrated dressing. The spring peas added a welcome sweetness to the overall plate.
Santa Barbara Prawn roasted rosa bianca eggplant, shellfish & green zebra tomato jus (Josiah Citrin, Melisse)

7836294274 5af97c7b9a 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Perfectly cooked spot prawns, clams and mussels were smothered in a complex broth with earthy olive tones and a duo of sweetness from the tomatoes and raisins.

Pave of Leek & Halibut spiced “carrot”, truffle ribbon, sea cress, crystal lettuce, raisin purée & smokey leeks (Richard Rosendale, The Greenbrier)

7836292790 82133c4fe4 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Guest chef Rosendale’s dish was a major disappointment. The layered halibut and  leeks was a good pairing, but way over-salted. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the accompanying carrot, tomato and “truffle ribbon” were rather bland and tasteless. While I hoped that the over-seasoned and bland would offset each other to create a perfectly seasoned bite, this just wasn’t the case.

“Risotto alla Milanese” stewed ossobuco & lemon pistachio gremolata (Gino Angelini, Angelini Osteria)

7836291752 b66079a145 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Angelini reliably creates something rather simple and delicious in meals like this, and this was no exception. An al dente saffron risotto was topped with a tender piece of veal shank, while the gremolata provided a little bit of fresh citrus to counter the richness. A great balance of flavors – I just wish the portion wasn’t so tiny.
Liberty Farms Duck Breast gratin of Weiser Farms tromboncino, smoked tromboncino purée & black mission figs (Michael Cimarusti, Providence)

7836320796 c6da9fe5ab 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Cimarust’s duck dish was the final savory course. The duck was cooked a nice medium-rare and Cimarusti was able to imbue it with a pretty strong smoky flavor. It was complemented by sweet figs and some frisee; I’m not sure if the tromboncino squash made it to the plate.

“Le Vacherin aux Pêches Verveines” Frog Hollow Farms peaches, lemon verbena & chamomile bubbles (Allen Ramos, Bouchon)

7836319762 955d19d969 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Dessert was a very simple, yet satisfying dish. Sweet peaches were paired with a meringue and a foam with floral and lemon flavors. Light and refreshing.

As a parting gift, we were given earl grey and pistachio macarons as well as a canele.

7836318632 f826a90e65 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

I thought the food overall was good, but not great, and didn’t meet the expectations suggested by previous 5×5 dinners or the $150 price tag. I just didn’t think anything really stood out, and flavors didn’t quite come together as well as anticipated. I understand that even with an all-star cast of chefs, dishes often don’t come out as refined during a one-night special event in a foreign kitchen – it won’t detract me from attending future 5×5 dinners. Plus, my experience was definitely made up for by the fact that Thomas Keller was there working the dining room. I just hope that leek & halibut dish doesn’t make its way anywhere near the Bocuse d’Or judges’ table.

Chef Keller signing an apron. An apron with a bunch of notable chef signatures happens to be a great conversation-starter.

7836307250 86361c047b 5x5 Chefs Collaborative @ Bouchon (Beverly Hills, CA)

Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Sushi Kimagure
220 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
Dining date: 8/8/12

7816830542 27be52ea76 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

I first heard about Sushi Kimagure in an LA Weekly article from Jonathan Gold earlier this year. He called it “the best sushi bar Pasadena has ever seen,” not that Pasadena has many notable restaurants. Still, I’m always looking for good Japanese east (or north) of Little Tokyo, and Kimagure sounded like it had great promise.

Sushi Kimagure opened last year, when chef Ike-san departed his long-standing (since 1985) Sushi Ike in Hollywood. The new location is very different from the Hollywood Blvd. location in a more quaint Pasadena train station complex shared with La Grande Orange and The Luggage Room. Many of the regulars at Sushi Ike seem to have followed as well, as many of the other parties this evening had developed their relationship with Ike-san at the old location and were eager to share their memories over the years.

7816833812 6db53c70e8 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Tables are almost exclusively via reservation and the menu is pretty much omakase-only. There are two different options, an $80 one and a $60 one. The $80 omakase has more of a focus on cooked foods, while the $60 menu is primarily a sushi omakase. We didn’t really know that at the beginning (and it’s not particularly clear on the menu), so we ended up with the $60 meal.

albacore with scallions and white onion

7816825342 5ef687de55 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Our first dish was this light starter with tart, refreshing flavors featuring crisp onions and fish. Scallions and fish are such a great combination.

yellowfin tuna

7816821154 212c8e7162 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

The sushi began with a pair of tender pieces of fish. I thought these were both good.

kanpachi (amberjack)

7816816930 100e51d353 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Next, the kanpachi had a clean flavor with a delicate chew.

sweet shrimp

7816815014 c52a78fa94 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Usually one of my favorites – sweet shrimp was broken down right and sliced right before serving. I noticed some inconsistency in the rice on this piece as it seemed to be packed a little denser, as well as have a little more texture.

mushroom chawanmushi

7816812976 4e6b5ed269 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Pork, scallops, shrimp, and mushrooms were distributed throughout this light custard. Kind of soupy at the bottom. Warm and comforting, I found this to be a welcome intermediary between sushi courses.

red snapper

7816858964 814d1ca4e0 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Similar to the kanpachi, this one had a delicate chew too, with a clean flavor of the sea.

shrimp heads

7816857160 2e6b6f23b4 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

I thought this was an interesting presentation for the shrimp heads. The interior of the head was removed and plated separately from the shell, leaving the meat without the crunch of the shell. Very different from the fried version.

halibut with kelp

7816853326 00a50848f3 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

The halibut had a little bit of chew to it, while kelp provided a different dynamic of sea flavor.

ikura and uni

7816851726 84edc44123 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

The ikura was a good, albeit typical, example of the eggs, but I found the cool sweet uni to be a top-notch one. Excellent! We ordered another order of the uni later in the meal.

japanese scallop

7816850124 948530f328 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Tender, soft scallop from Japan came next. I liked the scallop, though the shiso leaf underneath was a little overpowering for me.

seared salmon

7816839812 a5558fdcff Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

This was a unique bite, something I don’t think I’ve had before. The salmon was seared, providing smoky notes to complement the fatty piece of fish. Fresh scallions provided a nice bite to counter the richness – excellent!

mountain yam and masago hand roll

7816848616 a693a516df Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

I thought the textural interplay was nice here, between the slimy mountain yam, bite of the eggs and crisp sprouts.

snow crab

7816846622 22c53f09eb Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

The sweet, succulent crab meat went really well with the soy. I don’t often see large crab legs in sushi form – I wish I did more often.

sea eel

7816844906 db95b35014 Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

Tender and almost falling apart, I usually prefer freshwater eel but I liked this one quiet a bit. Just a little bit of the sweet sauce complemented the fish.

assorted fruit and red bean jello

7816837722 9e6d6f643a Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena, CA)

To finish, we had a simple plate of fruit and a red bean jello.

Seconds of salmon, uni, red snapper

Sushi Kimagure was a good meal. I wouldn’t consider it in any ‘Best of LA’ lists, but I could see how it would be tops in Pasadena. I’d rank it a tier below the likes of second-tier options Sushi Zo and Mori; given the price point though, I think it’s a very attractive sushi bar. For 60 bucks, it’s one of the better sushi meals. The highs were quite high (seared salmon and uni), but the overall meal suffered from some inconsistency. Still, the bad wasn’t really that bad. I’ll be back.

LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Saturday Grand Tasting
Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2012
L.A. Live
800 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Dining date: 8/11/12

While this past weekend’s LA Food & Wine festival offered a host of options in its 40+ events, the ones that piqued my interest most were the tastings. Food is the centerpiece of almost every event, but there are a few events (Saturday/Sunday Grand Tastings, Live on the Plaza) that offer food from dozens of different restaurants from around the country.

Saturday’s Grand Tasting featured around 30 chefs/restaurants and many more wineries (100+) in all-you-can-eat-and-drink fashion. The event was held during the day at LAFW’s “base” – LA Live. A huge tent shielded patrons from the searing sun, though the AC was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people (and makeshift kitchens) during one of the summer’s hottest heatwaves. Given the heat, water, champagne and cold beer seemed to be in strong demand to go along with the food.

7763940998 00d681180d LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7763939306 e0dc723b3e LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7764007976 29ef62e331 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Each chef/restaurant had its own booth, with many of them serving multiple tastes.

Perfecto Rocher (Lazy Ox Canteen) watermelon gazpacho, jamon iberico, caviar

7764004510 e7f834c2a0 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7764003596 cc4ab04da5 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Gabriel Ask (Montage Beverly Hills) corn panna cotta, bacon chips, uni

7764002836 1d0a1c89af LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Floyd Cardoz (North End Grill) mangalitsa pork, chutney

7764001486 d4b2e1c4cc LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Ernesto Uchimura (Plan Check) fried chicken, smoked milk gravy, pickled okra

7763999714 1246bcc300 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark Estee (Campo) blood pudding, crispy polenta

7763998572 043caf507c LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Andre Bienvenu (Joe’s Stone Crab) popcorn with lobster, shrimp, crab, pork belly; seared ahi with merlot sugar

7763995996 f52c98dcb7 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7763994896 636573be1d LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Hector Ramirez (Ruth’s Chris) mini filet oscar style; crabtini; sweet potato casserole

7763993846 c6c432ba40 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7763990806 688265f7d0 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7763992308 95eacf99b8 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Fabio Viviani (Firenze Osteria) pasta with duck sausage and fennel

7763989500 34f3e73b3d LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Anthony Meidenbauer (Holstein’s) pork belly slider

7763987362 425318f797 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Joachim Splichal (Patina) summer corn pudding, crab salad, lobster espuma

7763985746 603308562a LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Rick Tramonto (R’evolution) BBQ shrimp and grits

7763984132 4d4d83e310 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Jeremy Berlin (Church & State) heirloom tomatoes, balsamic vinegar

7763982578 dd1c446f03 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Stephan Pyles (Stephan Pyles) scallop escabeche, red corn, spiced chicharron, huitlacoche foam

7763980980 bd5c0eec75 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Ricardo Zarate (Mo-Chica, Picca) grilled paiche miso

7763980282 51880fc1e8 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Kerry Simon and Nona Sivley (LA Market) snickers, chocolate peanut butter cups

7763978926 7dab162b3f LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Justin Everett (Murray Circle) saison ale peach preserves, oat financier, brown sugar creme

7763976526 83ef599f79 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger (Border Grill) summer bean salad tostadita

7763974714 cd27716c4c LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Hasty Torres (Madame Chocolat) assorted chocolates

7763973022 0360a23138 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7763969490 1fbfa73dea LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Magnolia Bakery banana pudding, cupcakes

7763967700 cf122119ba LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7763965876 60f08a1072 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark Ainsworth (Pastry Smart) chocolate cremeaux

7763962536 036bf3ce46 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Ryan Morrison (Towne) pig in a blanket with lobster and smoked sausage

7763964022 8f07c8205c LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier (Arrows) lobster fried green tomato sandwich

7763953852 074da346fd LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Paul Shoemaker (Savory) ribeye, kimchi, umeboshi

7763952760 69c110f329 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Duane Owen (Pechanga) pan seared lobster and crispy pork belly, savoy cabbage slaw, chardonnay reduction, micro greens

7763950182 11eb49dce4 LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

7763951426 1229a9584d LA Food & Wine: Saturday Grand Tasting (Los Angeles, CA)

Cold champagne was a popular choice in the muggy tent, and I had more than my own fair share.

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Highlights for me included the dishes from Patina and Lazy Ox Canteen. Patina’s corn pudding and crab salad provided two layers of sweetness in some delicious, cool and refreshing bites. A little bit of lobster flavor provided some extra depth of flavor. Lazy Ox’s dish featured a duo of decadent flavors between the jamon iberico and caviar; the cool, sweet watermelon was a welcome accompaniment to bring it all together. Plan Check’s fried chicken was one of the most popular booths all afternoon and for good reason – the smoky fried chicken was very juicy and flavorful with an addicting crunch from the crispy batter. Finally, Fabio Viviani’s pasta with duck sausage was simple yet well-done, with an al dente pasta and rich duck ragu. I’m always a sucker for a good pasta, and came back for couple more portions.

Aside from stronger air conditioning, I’d like to see more national representation from the chefs and restaurants next year in this event. One of the things that separates LA Food & Wine (and Pebble Beach Food & Wine) from a lot of the other festivals in LA is the fact that it can draw chefs from outside of LA, allowing patrons more of an opportunity to try something new.

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Note: This was a sponsored event.

LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Asian Night Market
Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2012
Nokia Plaza
800 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Dining date: 8/10/12

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Los Angeles Food & Wine is in its second year, already one of the largest (if not the largest) food festivals of the year in LA. With 40+ events over 4 days, it seemingly has something for everyone from tasting events to cooking demonstrations to wine tastings to some strong power lunches. It’s a sibling festival to Pebble Beach Food & Wine, one of Northern California’s marquee food festivals (which just completed its fifth year).

This year I attended two of the events: Asian Night Market and the Saturday Grand Tasting. Night markets seem to be all the rage in this city recently, with the 626 Night Market and Lucky Rice Night Market also happening in the last few weeks.

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Tickets were $75 ($125 VIP), inclusive of all food & drink, with almost 30 chefs/restaurants represented and dozens more wineries/spirits/bars. While more expensive than competing night markets, this event uniquely offered access to a number of non-LA chefs, including Ming Tsai, Edward Lee, Susur Lee, and Charles Phan.

The event was largely outdoors, somewhat a concern in the midst of a sweltering heat wave. However, the sun set pretty soon after the event opened and I didn’t think it was that bad. Plus, it was particularly night being out under the lights at night.

Keep hydrated was key all evening, and smartwater was well-stocked all evening (seriously, I’m amazed how often events like these run out of water). This is exactly what I dream of when I’m hungover.

7762760194 02609776a3 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Each chef/restaurant had their own booth, serving up their interpretation of an east Asian street food dish.

Ming Tsai (Blue Ginger) tea smoked sirloin with mala oil

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Roy Yamaguchi (Roy’s) chicken, jade pesto, cherry blossom rice

7762756846 9353b8196a LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Jet Tila (The Charleston) five spice pork belly bun

7762755674 4211068e13 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Bryant Ng (The Spice Table) skate, sambal, coconut rice

7762753964 0e0e4901ec LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Roy Choi (Kogi)

7762753052 445d087f96 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Sam Choy (Sam Choy’s, Pineapple Express) loco moco

7762750744 d2cd33d521 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Robert Magsalin (Fukuburger) honey sesame fried chicken, okinawan donut holes

7762749914 647cd210bb LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Mohan Ismail (RockSugar) short rib rendang sliders

7762736102 d728787667 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Edward Lee (610 Magnolia) kimchi rice cakes

7762733446 511a32cc58 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Jorge Mijangos (Nobu LA) tuna tacos and wagyu tacos

7762730828 415eb618f5 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Hiroshi Shima (Sushi Roku) fluke sashimi

7762729650 26c2e14d62 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Thi Tran (Starry Kitchen) malaysian chicken curry, lychee panda cotta

7762723132 8a657f0d6e LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Fluff Ice 18 hour lamill cold brew, condensed milk, raspberries, espresso beans

7762721594 7af0b4f49a LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) pork ribs, spareribs sliders

7762788290 ae56398ee0 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

7762720216 26da08130d LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Ricardo Zarate (Mo-Chica, Picca) grilled tuna, asian pesto, camote al hilo

7762718302 9ab2a20941 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

David LeFevre (MB Post) green tea soba, lotus root, shiitake mushrooms

7762795990 1b12a7d1a3 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Huge Tree Pastry beef roll

7762794426 4c6ef34c5b LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Michael Ginor (Lola) duck slider

7762792822 8eb4b69bd3 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Charles Phan (Slanted Door) banh nam, dried shrimp and pork

7762791840 1570208104 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

David Myers chili crab wontons

7762791120 7860d5d14c LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Yu Bo (Yu’s Family Kitchen) sichuan pork dumplings

7762790112 3f35c73a3c LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

John Lechleidner (WP24) malaysian chicken feet, dan dan chicken dumplings, peking duck roll, ovaltine fudgesickles, passionfruit push pops, watermelon rose icies, galia pandan icies

7762771078 2a0ae3b925 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

7762725192 baf1fce495 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Eddie Wong (Mr. Chow) walnut shrimp, red bean sauce noodles

7762767796 92fa1c844f LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

7762769276 bd1a69af8b LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Duff Goldman (Charm City Cakes West) ginger cake, green tea ice cream

7762766440 733eba847a LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

A host of wines and spirits were involved, but I especially appreciated the lineup of cocktail bars serving up ice cold drinks all night long.

7762764878 9e9b29b417 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

7762773006 506ebcdb6a LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

7762775328 45b548afc9 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

If I had to choose one main highlight, it was probably one of the most unassuming dishes I tried – the 18-hour cold brew Taiwanese shaved ice from Fluff Ice. The rich, deep flavor of the coffee really came through; almost like a really good coffee ice cream, albeit much lighter. Condensed milk provided some creaminess and sweetness, while whole espresso beans added additional coffee flavor and texture. While it was the perfect thing for a warm evening, I would’ve eaten this anywhere.

Jet Tila’s pork belly bun consistently had one of the longer lines and for good reason. Tender pork belly with a sweet glaze was sandwiched in between an exceptional warm, delicately crispy bun. Sam Choy’s loco moco was another highlight for me. It was a huge portion of hamburger patty, rice, gravy and a fried egg that tasted very well together with a good balance of flavors.  Susur Lee’s puff pastry with duck sausage (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture) was another good one, with a very light, flaky pastry being a difference-maker. Host Andrew Zimmern’s pork ribs were huge, meaty, delicious things that I wanted to rip into teeth-first (though I expected something a little more bizarre, I don’t think he or I were ready for, say, stinky tofu).

I thought this was a lot of fun and probably a good deal as one of the more approachable LAFW tasting events at the $75pp price point. Yes, it’s more expensive than an evening in the San Gabriel Valley, but it’s a whole different type of experience altogether. Though I have one request: can someone please make boba milk tea next year?

7762777926 81957529e7 LA Food & Wine: Asian Night Market (Los Angeles, CA)

Note: This was a sponsored event.