Name: Darin
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
Current City: San Francisco, CA

Favorite Cuisines: American, Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese

Favorite Foods: Sushi, steak (red meat in general), pasta, noodles in soup, fried chicken, dumplings, potatoes

Culinary Experience: I don’t have any professional experience in the culinary field. In fact, I don’t even work anywhere close to the restaurant industry. However, I do eat at a lot of restaurants (my OpenTable profile had over 100 reservations in the dining history at last check).  I appreciate good food and am always searching for some of the best bites wherever I am.

Why a Blog?
I started this blog in order to chronicle where I’ve eaten and what I’ve eaten. Too often, I only remember a general impression of a restaurant but cannot recall individual dishes. This is especially the case where the meal is a multi-course tasting menu. How many of the 16 courses on the tasting menu at Joel Robuchon Las Vegas do I remember? Only a few. But I definitely remember the bread cart. I value these meals not only as nourishment, but as experiences as well. In my opinion, this is the best way for me to remember and be able to revisit these experiences.