Christmas 2015

Dining date: 12/25/15


This year’s Christmas was just like years past, filled with tons of food and surrounded by family. In keeping with tradition, lunch is a buffet at my aunt and uncle’s on my mom’s side, while dinner is hosted by my grandmother (dad’s side). The following is the lineup of foods we had.

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Thanksgiving 2015

Dining date: 11/26/15

This is my seventh time recapping my family’s Thanksgiving on this blog. As with many traditions, our family’s Thanksgiving is something we all reliably look forward to. The food on the table does not vary much; there are a number of staple dishes with a few new ones each year. And, true to the tradition, my Thanksgiving consists of two meals – lunch on my mom’s side and dinner on my dad’s side.

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Thanksgiving 2014

Dining date: 11/27/14

This is my sixth¬†time¬†recapping our family’s Thanksgiving, which is tradition that’s been going on for as long as I can remember. Similar to past years, we have lunch at my mom’s side and dinner on my dad’s side. The vast majority of food is homemade (of course!) with my aunt and grandmother taking the leads.

Chinese Sticky Rice

Chinese Sticky Rice

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Christmas 2013

Dining date: 12/25/13

Like Thanksgiving, Christmas has been one of the largest feasts of the year every single year. For some time now, my family has done Christmas just like Thanksgiving – lunch at my mom’s side and dinner at my dad’s. Double the gluttony.


Lunch, at my aunt’s is a potluck, with a relatively large group of family and friends.

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Thanksgiving 2013

Dining date: 11/28/13

The Thanksgiving post has become a sort of tradition on my blog – this is the fifth annual post. As has been the case over the last few years, Thanksgiving is a tale of two meals. Lunch is a casual buffet-style affair at my aunt & uncle’s (mom’s side) while dinner is a sitdown meal at my grandmother’s (dad’s side).

pork ribs


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