Wonton Noodle Soup

Dining date: 5/10/11

One of the most comforting foods in my childhood (and still now) is a good bowl of wonton soup. It’s a dish that every Chinese restaurant seems to have, but they can vary quite a bit from bowl to bowl. When I order it in a restaurant, there’s often only 4-5 dumplings in a bowl. For something so good, I always want more. So, I decided to make some at home.

I’ve made homemade wontons only a few times in my lifetime. This would only be my second time since moving out of my parents’ house almost 8 years ago. It’s a little bit of work, but the payoff is definitely worth it. There are so many things you could put in a wonton wrapper – I chose to do mine using shrimp and ground pork. I wish I could put down the recipe but truthfully, I just eyeballed everything. I used about 3 parts pork to 1 part shrimp, finely sliced green onion, lots of grated ginger, and a little bit of soy sauce and oyster sauce. Pretty simple.

Wrapping these little guys up was actually a little easier/quicker than I remembered. Put filling in, wet edges and fold in half, then twist into distinctive shape and seal.

To accompany the wontons, I had some fresh noodles, bok choy, and a chicken broth infused with ginger and scallions.

Delicious! I’d have to say these turned out very good; if anything, I’d probably add more grated ginger and scallions next time. But still, I was very happy with these…I’ll have to make some more soon.

Experimenting a little bit, I also made some pan-fried dumplings with a thicker wrapper.

I don’t have any wrapping technique so I just folded these in half. These were quite good too – there was a good amount of surface area to make them nice and crispy, and the filling was just as good as in the wontons.


  1. I actually love making wontons, it’s like one of the few things I know how to make. Though I’ve usually made it with dried shrimp instead of the fresh ones. I should test this one out.

  2. don’t laugh but my mom buys these microwavable frozen wonton noodles soups from Costco and they are actually pretty good! The shrimp’s pretty large. FYI.. if you’re ever craving

  3. I love wonton soup! I will have to try this “recipe” out! I am the same way with childhood dishes… there is no specific recipe but a just little bit of this and that.

  4. Christina – Thanks! I’m game!

    Danny – Yeah I like having small chunks of fresh shrimp; it gives the wonton a little bit of spongy texture when you bite into it too.

    Stuffy – Hah good to know! I often keep a package of the frozen wontons from Dean Sin World in my freezer when in a pinch.

    Daniel – Whenever you want! Or whenever we finally have that dinner party at your place.

    Kathy – Haha it’s also because I was too lazy to just follow one recipe.

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