Stateside (Seattle, WA)

300 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122
Dining date: 1/1/17


Opened in 2004, Stateside has been popular for its modern Vietnamese cuisine on Capitol Hill. My brother’s been here before, and helped us select this spot for its Vietnamese-inspired brunch. It was one of the few restaurants open on New Years Day, making this my first meal of 2017.


CRISPY DUCK FRESH ROLLS duck rolls wrapped in fresh herbs and rice paper



PHO BRAISED BEEF POTSTICKERS gingered black vinegar


PHO BO beef brisket and shank, flat rice noodles, fresh herbs


BUN BO HUE spicy and aromatic beef and pork soup with round rice noodles, crab and fish dumpling, quail egg and herbs


EGGS BAO’NEDICT Canadian bacon filled golden steamed bun, poached eggs, hollandaise, pork floss


CREAMSICLES vietnamese coffee and thai iced tea


We had a good brunch here. The crispy spring rolls were hot and crispy as advertised with a nice balance of duck and vegetables. The pho-braised beef potstickers were less successful. The filling needed a little more balance; it was beef-heavy and there wasn’t any of the crispy dumpling bottoms I was looking for. The bowls of soup noodles, however, were very satisfying. And so were the creamsicles – a fun way to end the meal.

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