Lukshon (Culver City, CA) [2]

shrimp toast lukshon

3239 Helms Ave
Culver City, CA 90232
Dining date: 5/13/17


It’s been over five years since I’ve been to Lukshon, Sang Yoon’s modernized Asian concept a few doors down from his ever-popular Father’s Office. Lukshon seems to still be doing well (it was just about full on this Saturday night), and I was able to grab a spot at the communal table for dinner on the way home from the airport. The menu here is small plates-based, featuring a wide variety of foods from across Southeast Asia.


hawaiian butterfish lime cells, thai chile, herbs, coconut snow


lobster roll “banh mi” poached lobster tail, pig ear terrine, spicy green papaya slaw


wok charred chinese broccoli x.o., white miso, sesame


kurobuta pork ribs spicy chicory coffee bbq sauce


crispy rice cakes shiitake mushrooms, yu choy, chinese black vinegar, sweet soy


thai tea sundae thai tea ice cream, black tea caramel, pandan, jackfruit, whipped coconut


I was glad to find that the food at Lukshon is still going strong – I enjoyed the meal. The highlight of the evening was probably the lobster roll. Papaya salad was a great accompaniment to the sweet lobster, with its cool acid and slight crunch. Rice cakes were also good – they weren’t as crispy as advertised, but they had a welcome gelatinous texture in a vibrant sweet/savory sauce. Lastly, dessert was a fun ice cream sundae take on a Thai tea which really exhibited the flavors of the popular drink.

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