Trestle (San Francisco, CA)

531 Jackson St
San Francisco, CA 94133
Dining date: 11/23/16


Trestle is the second restaurant from the Stones Throw team. It opened in Jackson Square in last year, serving a rotating prix fixe menu at an extremely reasonable $35. That price tag buys you three courses with the option to have a pasta course for just $10 more. It’s really a deal for San Francisco standards. Furthermore, the pastas came with an optional white truffle supplement for $20. Our party of four ordered two extras (a pasta and a risotto) with white truffles on each.


CRISPY PORK & CHICORIES Chinese Five Spice, Fuyu Persimmon, Walnuts


BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP Granny Smith Apple, Sage Yogurt, Nutmeg




PAPPARDELLE PASTA Soft Poached Egg, Whipped Ricotta, Cauliflower


MUSHROOM RISOTTO Grana Padano, Maitake, Mignonette


PAN-ROASTED SALMON Coconut Lobster Broth, Mussels, Crispy Chow Mein


TRUFFLE STUFFED CHICKEN Savory Bread Pudding, Green Beans, Cranberry Jus


HUCKLEBERRY COFFEE CAKE Espresso Streusel, Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk Jam


CINNAMON & DARK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE Egg Nog, Hazelnuts, Ginger Bread Crumble


Trestle had some ups and downs, though I can’t really complain for the price. The main courses were the highlights of this meal; both were executed pretty well with good flavors with my favorite of the two being the chicken. The salmon was moist with a nice sear, though I could’ve done without the cereal-like ‘crispy chow mein’ accompaniment. The pasta dishes were less successful – the pappardelle was bland and underseasoned although the risotto was a strong dish with plenty of earthy flavor. The white truffle supplement just didn’t carry much flavor in the small portion of shavings. I would’ve preferred the restaurant charge more for a more generous truffle portion on these.

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