LudoBites 7.0 Reservation Giveaway

The opening of the LudoBites reservation line has become an increasingly stressful time. How long will it take? Will I even get one?

I set up a calendar invite on July 14th at 4pm with a number of my co-workers. No distractions…one goal in mind: make a LudoBites reservation. Luckily, I got one and so did one of my co-workers. He can’t go anymore and has graciously donated the reservation to be given away.

The reservation is for the first seating of the first night of this LudoBites (ie. you’ll be one of the first people to try Ludo’s food this time around). This has been pre-approved by Krissy, so the reservation should be seamlessly transferred.

The details:
Date: Wednesday, August 3rd (opening night)
Time: 6:00
Party Size: 4

The contest:
I’m trying to keep it really simple. Please leave a comment with what dish (hypothetical or real) you’d like to see at the next LudoBites. Bring back the caramel souffle with fleur de sel ice cream? Or maybe some of the barbecue he learned in Raleigh? How about a foie gras ice cream?

Leave your name and e-mail address so I know how to contact you. Deadline to enter is Sunday at noon. I’ll have my co-worker pick the best entry (it is his reservation after all) and the winner will be announced Sunday afternoon. That’s it!

Any questions – I’ll address in the comments. Good luck!

UPDATE (7/31):
Thank you to everyone for their comments. There were a lot of great ideas; clearly, foie gras is the most popular (and controversial?) ingredient in Ludo’s repertoire. We especially loved Wes P’s suggestion of the foie gras steamed bao, Dan Cox’s Elvis-inspired peanut & uni pop with freeze-dried banana, and even chubbymeat’s brazen challenge to cook a particular type of offal.

It was a very difficult decision (I wish we could’ve given away a dozen more reservations!), but Aly Rizzo’s suggestion of bringing breakfast to LudoBites was a unique one, and the idea of a “Ludo-fied” eggs benedict utilizing a honey-lavender biscuit was enough to get our appetites going!

So, congratulations to Aly Rizzo on winning the reservation!


  1. Foie gras black croque-monsieur with the brioche dyed with squid ink because I never got to try it!! and and we need to get in our last foie from Ludo before the stupid CA ban =(

  2. Crack in a bowl!!! The best dish ever. Potato mousseline with 63 degree egg and chorizo condiment. I have dreams about that dish! Mmmm!

  3. Since I’ve never been able to get reservations to LudoBites, I’d love to see any dish he creates from his recent travels of LudoBites America, more specifically the BBQ!! It would be wonderful to experience this treat for the senses for the very first time!
    Thank you for the opportunity, I’ll never lose faith in second chances!! 🙂

  4. I would still love to see the Foie Gras Beignets and the Lobster Egg Potato Mousseline be brought back. Both were quite delicious.

  5. I’d love to see Ludo’s version of some kind of BBQ sandwich (beef, pork, or even foie) with a slaw. He could break it down or even just make an authentic version.

  6. (I’m already going at 9pm, but just leaving a comment just in case Chef Ludo decides to read this & actually make a repeat dish haha..)

    The pork belly from 5.0. My first taste of LudoBites and oohhhhh, at that moment, I thought — “okay, I would definitely stress myself over online reservations for this guy!” Perfect texture, perfectly cooked, amazing overall flavors. Just wow.

    Okay, I’m done making myself hungry now 🙂

  7. I’d like ludo to serve up a tournedos of foie gras protesters. As we all know Gioachino Rossini loved his foie and although being Italian he had lots of respect for french food so its a match there.

    Also its an elegant solution to the problem of protesters. We can capture them, gavage them and use protester foie. Or just use filet of protester with actual foie, i’m not the chef.

    That and the veal broth udon from Royal T. That shit was killer.

  8. Oh my, it’s hard to decide, pressure is on. Well, there is no doubt but that I would love to savor morsels of Ludo’s Marinated Korean Steak with Crispy kimchi, bone marrow…on August 3rd, the day before my birthday (too much?).

  9. I am lucky enough to have been eating at LudoBites since 4.0. And since then my favorite dish has been Foie Gras Black Croque-Monsieur, Cherry-Amaretto Chutney. That sandwich if you want to call it that has to be the best thing I’ve eaten in my life. It’s perfection. If I could have one taste in my mouth forever it would be that. I can still recall the dish perfectly. Nothing has stuck with me like that has. A close second would be the potato Mousseline. I remember ordering two of those when I went to Ludobites 5.0 because it was just so delicious. But that does not compare to the croque-monsieur. The bread, the foie gras, just pure perfection. I can’t get over it. It’s pretty much life changing. I went to LudoBites 4.0 not knowing how amazing/life changing it would be, and since then I have been trying to keep up with all news related to Chef Ludo. He is truly ahead of the game, and his food brings pure joy. I’m thankful to have experienced that dish, and would love for him to bring it back so other could share that small bite of perfection.

  10. I know I don’t want to see those foie gras quesadillas he made at Casa Pulido…Im hoping for something Japanese. Something with little hints/subtle flavors and also big, explosive, popping flavors at the same time. Or maybe something inspired by his recent trip to NY at Momofuku (I know David Chang isn’t Japanese) but something very Asian inspired his steak and kimchi was pretty good at 6.0 but something bigger and better along those lines. Duck and uni sliders? Hahah

  11. I would say…Pop Rocks Foie Gras (as in the pop rocks taste like foie gras) with a poached egg/veloute. Or it can be with anything else..i mean, Ludo’s the one who created foie gras quesadilla. 🙂

  12. Ludo is a complete magician with Foie Gras – and I’d love to try whatever foie dish he’s created for this time around…also excited to see if he does something with BBQ – or (dare I say it?) BOTH? BBQ Foie Gras? Anyone?

  13. Hmm….. the possibilities of great dishes are endless! I would love for Chef Ludo to make a Japanese style egg custard, Chawanmushi, but all dressed up Ludo-style! Plus a take home doggie treat for my new puppy so she can experience the epicurean delights of Chef Ludo too! =)

  14. I feel as though, bringing back a previous Foie Gras dish would be a mistake, we all love what Ludo dishes up for it’s uniqueness and singular experience. Give me another rendition not like before and nothing I’ll ever experience again. That said, Ludobites is an experience of fun and ingenuity of flavors that one would not expect in a 5 star style of dining. Give me the quintessential and definitive Ludo “bite”: Fried Chicken, except this time give me a backyard BBQ extravaganza Baby Corn, Mole, minus the Polenta but set in a simpler made Poached egg, Potato Mousseline, Chorizo. Maybe throw in a corn bread?

  15. I have yet to experience any of Ludo’s pop ups (I always seem to be a day late when trying to make a reservation) so hopefully this is my in! That said, I can’t name something I’d want him to make again since I haven’t tried any of his dishes in the past, but apparently Ludo is a big fan of In-N-Out’s famous double double with fries. I’d love to see Ludo’s spin on this. But in all honesty, I’d just love to try one of Ludo’s pop ups!

  16. Any dish. I haven’t been lucky enough to score a reservation though I’ve tried for the last two, with multiple computers, and no success. All the foie gras ones sound particularly good. I just really want to try his food and will take a day off work to drive up if I can get a reservation.

  17. Although it was only two of us, we had 3 orders of the Grilled Octopus, Oregano, Grilled Hazelnut Polenta, Pineapple Aioli, Piment D’Espelette Gelée. I died and went to food heaven. I think my companion broke out in a rash. I want to die again and I will find a new best friend to accompany me, if necessary (although my companion would willingly risk bodily harm to feast on this culinary delight again). I didn’t want to beg but closed mouths never get fed. Please pick me!!!

  18. Great question and even better contest! It has been an awesome exercise thinking back through all of the different ludo dishes (ludobites?) over the years. So many hits; some misses. But all progressive and playful. The cobwebs have been dusted off and I’m back in ludo mode.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the space at Ludo 6.0 at MAX, but my two all time favorite plates came from 6.0: The marinated mackerel, leche del tigre, baby leeks, and verdolagas leaves and the creme fraiche panna cotta, caramel, and caviar. I guess he’s offered similar desserts at Bastide and Breadbar, but that’s beside the point.

    Mackerel in that preparation has always been among my favorites- i really enjoy it with a cold beer at my favorite izakayas. I particularly enjoy it at Wakasan, where they charmingly call it Vinegarized Mackerel. love it. Anyway- it was awesome to get ludo’s take on this traditional Japanese concept. The accoutrements were playful and supportive, balancing out the dish really nicely. the tart, rich leche del tigre (from the mackerel, presumably? awesome.) matched the sweet pickle on the fish. the slight char on the skin gave it a nice bite and texture, too. For me, 6.0 was all about this dish. hands down.

    The creme fraiche panna cotta was so fun! seriously so fun! I want to put that plate in front of my grandma and watch her squirm!!!!!! It was executed perfectly- both the custard itself and the sticky, thick, blemish-free caramel sauce. Flavor-wise, the pale tartness of the creme fraiche was a perfect match for the sweet sauce. the complex saltiness of the caviar brought it to the next level. in this day and age where salted caramel is so popular, this was such an amazing way to turn the concept on it’s head and make it his own. And it was so simple! Man! I was so impressed with this dish.

    I hope to see you on the third!

  19. Ludo croque monsieur! I’ve heard so many rave reviews about it and have been disappointed that it hasn’t made a return appearance. Either that or the foie gras cupcake. Actually, I want to be there if Ludo actually decides to do a Foie Gras night. Drool…

  20. I believe that chef Ludo is a genius. Period. And this applies to foie gras. I’d be happy with anything that he comes up. Croque monsieur foie gras sounds excellent.
    Dishes with uni will also makes my night!

  21. I would love to see a foie-gras tasting menu with all the great foie gras dishes from the different editions of LudoBites. Start with foie-gras beignet, followed by foie gras croque monsieur, then lentils & foie gras, followed by foie gras with acacia honey & seasonal fruits, foie gras with kimchi consomme, then seared foie gras pina colada, then foie gras quesadilla, followed by a foie gras cupcake AND foie gras creme brulee (new).

  22. The tuna with sushi rice ice cream- saw it on iron chef, got to try it at 3.0, truly transcendent- so much so that I decided to stagiaire for him at 5.0. Which brings me to my next point: the confit pork belly with mustard ice cream and Thai style choucroute at 5.0 KILLED it. When I heard it was being put on the menu, I didn’t know what to expect, and then I tried it, easily the best preparation of pork belly I’ve EVER had. As Jason Miller says earlier on the feed, “Hope to see you on the third,” I too hope to see you on the third!

  23. Hot Foie Gras, Chinese Barbecue Sauce, Miso-Eggplant Terrine
    on a Steamed Bao with Duck Skin crackling and green onion

    My one & only trip 5.0, the original dish wasn’t the tastiest but definitely by far the most interesting. The richness of the foie gras, muddy texture of the eggplant and bbq sauce made me think I was eating peking duck in paste form, in super good wtf is going on way.

    So why not take it to another level! Stick a pad of that glorious concoction in a steamed bao, with a duck skin crackling and green onion. New take on a traditional chinese dish. It would blow my mind if Ludo put this together, and guarantee yours too.

  24. Would love to have the potato mousseline with the poached egg and chorizo again. As for a new dish, Ludo is a genius as everyone said when it comes to foie gras and his soups are always unbelievable… so maybe a foie gras soup if that’s possible?

  25. Potato Mousseline w/ Foie Gras, Kobe Beef, Toro, and Caviar for 12.99. Can’t get better than that!!!

  26. Everyone talks about the foie gras croque monsieur, the foie gras beignets, the foie gras chocolate cupcake, and, most recently, the foie gras quesadilla. But for me, the foie gras dish that stands out the clearest in my memory from all the Ludo Bites past is the foie gras tart on a maple crust served with lemon paste, raw button mushrooms, and four spices that I experienced during 2.0. It was the first time I liked foie gras — my foie gras aha! moment so to speak. It turned the tide for me. And I’ve been loving Ludo’s lobes of liver ever since.

  27. Is there a bad dish? I don’t think I’ve had one, but to pick my top 2…

    the mozzarella ice cream with tomato basil crumble was so light, refreshing, and heavenly. Perfect for a summer evening.

    the beef waygu was a close second of amazingness.

    really his food needs descriptive words that don’t exist.

  28. I’m really excited to see how traveling across the country and learning new cuisines has influenced him. I’m particularly hoping he adds some chile to a dish. A little heat paired with one of his delicious ice creams to cool it down would be a perfect combination.
    Whatever the menu consist of, I hope I have the opportunity to sample it.

  29. Come on people! It is summer time. Only from the late Spring and into Summer can you get fresh soft shell crab. The soft shell crab season ends just around the time that they pack up the tent for 007 on September 10. So. if there were going to be a repeat dish, I would vote for the Soft Shell Crab Cornet.

    1. As for a new dish, which I think is really what we should be focused on since I thought Ludo said there would be no repeats at 007, because I am still in love with the honey lavendar butter from 2.0 and 4.0, I am intrigued by the lavendar dish Ludo did at Tecolote in Sante Fe: Black Beans Bruschetta, Santa Fe Lavender, Brown Butter Corn Ice Cream. Not only does it have lavendar, but it has brown butter corn ice cream. How can you NOT want to try that?!?!

  30. something with Egg, duck egg, caviar, or salmon roe. Caviar or salmon roe might show up in the dessert section. The lamb or goat might coming up on the menu too.

  31. Last LudoBites
    Yeah, baguettes on tabletops
    And we took some photo shots
    That ham soup was really hot

    Last LudoBites
    Yeah, we maxed our credit cards
    Mousseline just set the bar
    Croque monsieur was such a star

    Last LudoBites
    Yeah, cheese cupcake with foie gras
    Tuna dynamite foie gras
    Maybe next menage a foie?

    Last LudoBites
    Yeah, crab cone put us in awe
    Great bavette and carrot slaw

    This LudoBites
    Do it all again!
    This LudoBites
    Do it all again!

    weezermonkey at gmail

  32. i am a virgin. a ludo virgin. never has ANY morsel of food that he has prepared crossed this threshold. not even the ludo truck. pop my ludo cherry please!

  33. I want to try any of the soul food that ludo learned at big mama’s. Was awesome to get to see him do something different

  34. I’m from the South – Memphis! And, Elvis preferred Peanut Butter and Banana. How about a creative Ludo take on Elvis’ favorite? Perhaps a PEANUT & UNI POP, sprinkled with freeze dried banana flakes?

  35. I heard that Chef Ludo had a foie quesadilla for the L.A. stop of Ludo Bites America. I totally want to try that! I’m a sucker for foie gras, so really, anything foie that Chef Ludo has on the menu will be my poison of choice. I want to spend the next year consuming as much foie as I can before the crazy state of California outlaws it because it’s inhumane or something like that. It’s not inhumane…it’s SUPER YUM!
    Please pick me, and fulfill my need for foie gras! I stalked OpenTable starting at 3:58PM, hit the confirm button at 4:00PM…and was out of luck. I would love to eat Chef Ludo’s foie 🙂

  36. Strawberry geleed foie GRAS with croutons. Pretty much anything Ludo makes. I’ve Only been able to try his Ludotruck and it’s awesome. Please pick me. I’ve tried every time to get a LudoBites reservation but have been unsuccessful. How did you do it? I’ll keep all my fingers crossed!! Love his new show on Sundance too. Thank you for this unbelievable opportunity!!

  37. Maybe a throw-back to the old days?
    Seared foie with baby leeks and caramelized apple with apple cider vinegar

  38. I haven’t been successful booking a table with Ludobites but after eating two courses at the most recent “four on fish” at Providence I can only imagine the wonderful dishes chef ludo can create. I’m still dreaming about the creme fraiche panna cota with alberta president caviar! Deliciously sinful

  39. After watching LudoBites America, and as a semi-observant Jew, I’d like to see Ludo step up for a real challenge: make a delicious dish that is kosher! Ilan Hall has tried adding Jewish elements to his food at The Gorbals but in more tongue-and-cheek way (ie bacon wrapped matzah balls and manischewitz braised pork). But how about a dish where the kinda strict, generally illogical rules are all followed to a t. Since milk and meat can’t be mixed, it would be a challenge to a French chef, given that he couldn’t use butter. But if one menu needs overhauling, it’s traditional kosher food (sorry, Bubby, but it’s always too salty and regularly one-note). If Ludo did a play on stuffed cabbage or matzah ball soup while still remaining in the confines of kosher dietary rules, he’d be my hero! (for the record, I eat the veggie/fish dishes at LudoBites each go-around and would die to have the salmon with somen noodles and charred roe again. Mmmmmm.)

  40. Hm – I didn’t have the experience of Ludobites 1.0-3.0 – however, I haven’t seen anyone talking about the possibility of the play on food for breakfast – more specifically, a Brinner (Breakfast for dinner). I think there’s a lot of potential there – breakfast isn’t just merely the cereal in a bowl or a single piece of warmed bread – there’s a large range of varying food for the first meal of the day. One of my personal favorites is the Salmon Benedict – it’s the perfect blend of protein and carbs, and the right about of decadence to start of the day. There should be a Ludo-ified elegant, but whimisical version of the Eggs Benedict – maybe the bread is the Honey-lavendar biscuits with smoked butter and the protein is buffalo meat. I’m not sure if that would really work, but it would blast the normal conception of a eggs benedict, and what would otherwise be considered “traditional” breakfast foods.

  41. I issue a challenge to Chef Ludo. Forget all boundaries and do it your own way right? Give offal a chance! And not just your traditional organ meats. I’m talking about PENIS. When Andrew Zimmern was filming in Bejing, he found a restaurant that featured over 30 different species of penis. However, the dishes’ presentation lacked the French flair and beauty. So Chef Ludo, can you convince people to eat penis?

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