Masso Osteria (Las Vegas, NV)

tagliatelle @ Masso

Masso Osteria
11011 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Dining date: 5/7/18


Masso Osteria is the latest in a string of restaurants Scott Conant has been opening across the country. Famous for his Food Network appearances and Scarpetta restaurants, Conant opened this restaurant in February of this year at the Red Rock Casino.

The food at Masso Osteria has a lot of Conant’s signature dishes made famous at Scarpetta including his spaghetti, polenta, and tuna crudo. Our party of three ordered the spaghetti along with a few other dishes.


BREAD broccoli rabe pesto


CLASSIC MEATBALLS fregola, concentrated tomatoes & salsa verde


MARGHERITA tomato, basil & fiore di latte


PASTA AL POMODORO chef’s signature sauce


TAGLIATELLE bolognese & fonduta




GRILLED ASPARAGUS smoked egg, prosciutto & crispy shallots


The meal at Masso Osteria featured some delicious plates, but had its faults. The spaghetti was just as I remembered – al dente pasta was bathed in a rich and hearty tomato sauce. It was simple and delicious. The tagliatelle, with its savory and bold bolognese flavors, was equally as satisfying. The large porterhouse steak was juicy and tender, although it paled in comparison to the dry aged meats we had the prior night at Carnevino. One thing that took away from the meal was that a couple of the dishes were served kind of cool (meatballs and steak). The restaurant wasn’t very busy, but it seemed like these plates sat waiting to be serviced for quite some time. I likely won’t be back since Conant has a location much closer to home (The Ponte).

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