Cotogna (San Francisco, CA) [2]

490 Pacific St
San Francisco, CA 94133
Dining date: 12/17/16


I’ve been to Cotogna quite a few times now, the more casual sibling to Michelin three-star restaurant Quince. The restaurant was selected again to introduce some friends to chef Michael Tusk’s Italian cooking. We ordered a variety of things throughout the menu to share – an appetizer, a pizza, two pastas and one large format course.


Focaccia with chili flakes & sea salt


Baked buffalo ricotta, pomegranate & honey


Maitake & velvet pioppini mushroom pizza


Pumpkin cappellacci


Pappardelle with wild boar ragu


Pork shank with polenta and chicories


Similar to my other meals here, Cotogna presented a solid, reliable meal. The pappardelle was easily my favorite plate of the meal with a perfect chew, bathed in a sticky, rich wild boar ragu. Pumpkin-filled cappellacci was also good with its creamy filling amidst a sage brown butter sauce, while the pork shank was exceedingly rich, full of porky flavor.


  1. It looks mouth-watering. Is there actually any difference in taste between food sprinkled with sea salt and food sprinkled in table salt?

    1. It has to do with the size of the crystals (sea salt being larger) that provides a different type of saltiness on the palate. And, depending on the type, they have subtle flavor differences as well.

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