The French Laundry – 12/23/09

The French Laundry
6640 Washington Street
Yountville, CA 94599

The French Laundry is a food temple – a trek that any gourmand in America must make at least once in their lifetime. I first went in July of 2004, and it was easily the most anticipated meal of my life. I remember not being able to sleep much the night before. The restaurant had just gone through a renovation and had not announced an official re-opening date. I was playing around on OpenTable one night and stumbled upon an availability.  I remembered having to wake my dad to tell him this news, and use his credit card in order to confirm this reservation.

I had gone again in December of 2006, and now in 2009, figured it was time for a re-visit. It’s gotten noticeably easier to get a reservation on OpenTable. With a little persistence, I was able to snatch a 5:30 (in my opinion, the ideal time for a group not staying overnight) reservation over the Christmas holiday. Armed with a new camera (thanks Angela!), I was excited for this next trip.

fl sign2 The French Laundry   12/23/09

fl restaurant medium The French Laundry   12/23/09

Upon entering the premises, you walk into a garden and outdoor waiting area.

front medium The French Laundry   12/23/09

The famous blue door entrance to the restaurant.

door medium The French Laundry   12/23/09

The dining room is cozy and has a very warm and elegant feel to it.

dining room medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

dining room2 medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

Each table is set up with fresh flowers and the signature clothespin holding the napkin together.

table medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

The menu has two options: the chef’s tasting menu and the tasting of vegetables. The menu for the day is here: French Laundry menu – 12/23/09 and the chef’s tasting menu, which we all had, is shown below. There was also an optional supplement offering white truffles from Alba, shaved over an option of housemade tagliatelle, gnocchi, or a Carnaroli risotto.

menu medium The French Laundry   12/23/09

The amuse bouche served here have been staples over the years. The first is the Gougères, which are cheez-it flavored light cheesy bread puffs.

gougeres medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

The second is the salmon tartare coronet with creme fraiche. Simple and tasty, they make a great start to the evening.

coronet medium The French Laundry   12/23/09

Next was the first main dish of the night, also a staple of the menu.

“Sabayon” of Pearl Tapioca with Island Creek Oysters and White Sturgeon Caviar

oyster pearl medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This is a really creative dish and a nice play on words. The oysters are trimmed and set into this tapioca sabayon with a dollop of caviar. Really delicious.

The next course had an option of a winter squash soup and a foie gras terrine.

Chestnuts, Arkansas Black Apple, Watercress and Maple

soup medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

There was not much to the soup. It tasted of squash with a little spice, but not much else.

Flowering Quince, Honey-Poached Cranberries, Celery Branch and Black Truffle

terrine medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This was pretty good as a terrine goes, as I usually do not like them. The accompanying brioche was delicious and came with three finishing salts.

The next course, a seafood one, was a choice between a bass and scallops.

Salsify, Spinach, “Soubise” and Red Wine Reduction

striped bass medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This was a great dish with a nice crust and a moist flesh. Definitely cooked well.


Cauliflower, Satsuma Mandarin, Pine Nuts, Arugula and Niçoise Olive “Paint”

scallops medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This was one of the more disappointing dishes of the night. I definitely prefer sea scallops to bay scallops because they’re just meatier and less prone to being overcooked. I don’t think the scallops were overcooked in this case, but the olive ‘paint’ was just way too overpowering for this dish.

The next dish, served to everyone, was a highlight.

Forest Mushroom “Pain Perdu,” Sunchokes, Brussels Sprouts and Pomegranate “Aigre-Doux”
The lobster was cooked beautifully. The mushroom ‘bread’ was a nice earthy accompaniment, and the brussels sprouts and pomegranate were also a good compliment.

lobster medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09


After the lobster course was the truffle supplement. I chose the white truffle to be shaved over the risotto. This dish is quite an experience as well, as the server will bring the huge truffle around in a box to be smelled and then will proceed to shave it on top of the risotto. It was then finished with a little brown butter.

risotto medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

The risotto, prepared with shallots, butter and grated truffle, was really well-made on its own. The truffles, as well as the brown butter, completed the dish and made it unforgettable.

risotto2 medium2 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

The next course was an option between white quail and rabbit shoulder.

Chorizo, Cardoons, Sweet Peppers, Panisse, Spanish Capers and “Pimentón”

white quail medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This dish was the single most surprising for me of the night.  White quail, as explained by the server, was a cross-breed between chicken and quail. I had never heard of this, let alone tried it, so I had to order it…and was glad I did. The breast was so juicy and moist, shocking as it was white meat (closer to chicken than quail).  The leg was good as well, but by comparison, paled compared to the breast.

Baby Fennel, Michigan Sour Cherry, Pistachio and “Sauce Périgourdine”

rabbit medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

The rabbit shoulder was stuffed and glazed. Not a bad dish, but it wasn’t as good as the white quail.

“Pommes Purée,” Nantes Carrots, Snap Peas and Béarnaise Reduction

lamb 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

The lamb is prepared sous vide for 80% of the cooking, and seared for browning the rest of the way. This was a great piece of meat that was juicy and tender, and not too gamey.

The next course was the cheese course. Not being a fan of the cheese course, I opted to substitute this out for a potato gnocchi dish. Everyone else, however, stuck with the cheese.

Hobbs’ Bacon, Roasted Romaine Lettuce and Tomato Compote

cheese medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

The substitute dish, a russet potato gnocchi, served with brown butter and grated black truffle, was very simple and good.

gnocchi medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

Next, the first of three desserts.

Maui Gold Pineapple Sorbet, Spiced Gingerbread and Gros Michel Bananas

dark stormy medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This was a light dessert, serving to cleanse the palate and give a sweet introduction to dessert courses.

Our next dessert was specifically requested off the menu, due to the fame it’s garnished over the years. Luckily for us, the kitchen obliged.

Cappuccino Semifreddo with Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnuts

coffee donut medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This was probably the best doughnut I’ve ever had. Warm and soft – it was just delicious. The semifreddo had a rich coffee flavor to it (I took a scoop to show the “coffee” under the “milk froth”), but the highlight was really the doughnut.

The final dessert was a choice between two dishes.

Mango-Chili Relish, Valrhona Cocoa Nibs, Lime Foam and Coconut Milk Sorbet

choc cake medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This was a flourless chocolate cake, and I really liked the coconut milk sorbet. The lime foam, topped with sea salt, was not really necessary, in my opinion.

Huckleberries, Marcona Almonds and Crème Fraîche Sherbet

tart medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

This was an interesting dish. A little bit doughy, a little fruity – this would be a nice end to the meal.


The mignardises for the night included a pecan tart, caramel and chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and assorted chocolates.

pecan tart medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

choc medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

The pecan tart and macadamia nuts were not remarkable, but the chocolates were good, especially the pumpkin (orange and white colored at top). Unfortunately, we were so full that we were not able to try all of the flavors.

At the end of the meal, the bill comes out on a laundry tag, a fun touch that the restaurant has had since its inception.

laundry tag medium The French Laundry   12/23/09

In addition, we each got some shortbread cookies to take home.

shortbread medium 500x332 The French Laundry   12/23/09

We were lucky enough to be invited into the kitchen at the end of our meal.

kitchen medium The French Laundry   12/23/09

kitchen2 medium The French Laundry   12/23/09

We were told that Thomas Keller had been in the kitchen and left an hour earlier (DAMN!). However, it was great to be able to check out the kitchen, which was spotless. I was surprised by just how small the kitchen was, and how it was able to serve such an array of dishes in such a small space.

In all, it was a great experience. I was a little anxious that it wouldn’t live up to expectations, because they were quite high, and I had been hearing a lot of peoples’ concerns about Chef Keller’s decreasing involvement in the kitchen. However, the restaurant definitely lived up to my expectations and proved to be a fantastic meal.  We were all very pleased, and I can’t wait for my next trip back.


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  1. Kevin, nice post…since you mentioned it, what kind of camera you are using? I’ve often wondered how you (and the people in other food blogs) take such awesome pictures of the meal. My pictures always turn out too bright or fuzzy. Are you doing this with a point-and-shoot camera? Thanks in advance for any reply and keep up the good work.

    • Craig – I think you have me mistaken for someone else. Regardless I use a Nokon D3000 and kind of play around with the exposure and shutter, depending on the light settings.

      • Darin,

        Sorry about that…I was reading both your blog and kevinEats that night. I was remembering the wrong name as I typed…doh!

        Anyway, thank you for replying despite my brain hiccup. Keep up the good work!

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