Sushi Sasabune – 3/15/10

Sushi Sasabune
12400 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Spontaneously, my friend and I decided to get our sushi fix at Sushi Sasabune on the westside. I’d never been here before, and it was a good opportunity to try something new since I had gotten off of work early.

exterior1 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

The interior was surprisingly large, with dozens of tables, a long sushi bar, and an open kitchen.interior 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

As with most well-regarded sushi restaurants, we decided omakase was the way to go in order to sample a lot of the restaurant’s specialties and freshest fish. Amusingly, we were offered the ‘American’ option or the ‘Japanese’ option. The ‘American’ option is directed towards that exact clientele, with more typical sushi. If you’re not averse to eating anything, the waitress recommended the ‘Japanese’ option. So, we told the restaurant to give it all to us and went for the ‘Japanese’ omakase.

First, housemade pickled ginger and fresh wasabi was presented.ginger wasabi 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

The first course was ono sashimi, marinated in soy. This was very tender, and the soy was not overpowering.ono sashimi 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Next up was a sashimi of Japanese razor clam (Tairagai). The flesh was pretty firm, kind of chewy, and a little sandy. Not my favorite dish.

Tairagai 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Next began the sushi, and what better way to start than with tuna and fatty tuna, toro. The tuna was good, though not melt-in-your-mouth tender. The toro was a little disappointing as it was very tender but a little mushy. Both had good flavor.

sushi1 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Snapper and halibut came next. Both of these were quite good.sushi2 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Baked green mussel and oyster.

oyster mussel 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Salmon and yellowtail were next. The salmon, topped with marinated kombu, was tender and flavorful. The yellowtail was just as good.

sushi3 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Next came what was likely my favorite dish of the night: two kinds of sweet shrimp, the large one from Alaska, and the smaller one from Boston. The larger shrimp had a great bite to it, was a little juicy, and mildly sweet. Very good. The shrimp from Boston was a little bit slimey, and didn’t have the great bite that the larger one did.sushi4 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Spanish mackerel and regular mackerel were next. The regular mackerel was topped with the marinated kombu, while the Spanish mackerel was topped with a ponzu sauce. I thought the Spanish mackerel was much better here, tender and more flavorful.

sushi5 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Uni and salmon roe – a great pairing.  The uni here was delicious, very fresh and not fishy at all. The roe was also tasty.

sushi6 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Next, we were served jumbo clam and orange clam. Clams aren’t my favorite sushi options as I find them too chewy or dense for my liking. These two were no exception.sushi7 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Next we were served a fried fish head and marinated fish roe served in its body – definitely not featured on the ‘American’ menu.

fish head 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

The fish head was great, as it was perfectly fried and had a nice shrimp flavor. The shrimp roe is definitely an acquired taste. I don’t think I’ve had it before, but it was marinated in a citrus sauce that was a little overpowering.shrimp roe 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Seared monkfish liver and golden snapper were the final nigiri preparations. Both of these were quite good, especially the monkfish liver. It had a fantastic melt-in-your-mouth texture.sushi8 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Lastly, we had blue crab and toro cut rolls. The crabmeat was sweet and tasty, and the toro was good as well.sushi9 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Lastly, we finished with an assortment of mochi: green tea, mango, and strawberry. I’m pretty sure these were not made in-house as the strawberry one tasted particularly artificial.mochi 500x335 Sushi Sasabune   3/15/10

Overall, the meal was a pleasant experience, and a little cheaper than anticipated. I wouldn’t say the best sushi in the city is here, but there is a lot of high-quality fish that is more than suitable for a sushi craving.

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