Burger Bar – 7/4/10

Burger Bar
Mandalay Bay
3930 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119

exterior1 500x335 Burger Bar   7/4/10

When I first tried Burger Bar, it was instantly one of my favorite burger places. Created by Hubert Keller of Top Chef Masters and Fleur de Lys fame, Burger Bar offers a number of “signature” burgers, as well as completely customizable burgers. Their most notable burger is probably the Rossini – a kobe beef patty topped with foie gras and shaved black truffles. However, my favorite has been the lighter surf & turf, topped with lobster.

Surf & Turf Burger – black angus, grilled half lobster, grilled green asparagus on a plain bun

surf turf burger 500x335 Burger Bar   7/4/10

I really like how Burger Bar uses a nice, thick patty on their burgers, allowing for a nice medium rare to be cooked.

burger interior 500x335 Burger Bar   7/4/10

The burger was cooked perfectly with a nicely seared crust and pink throughout. However, the burger wasn’t quite as juicy as I would expect. The lobster also was a little bit drier than I remembered, but the combination still works well.

Other burgers we had were customized:

Angus beef patty topped with portabello mushroom, grilled onions and guacamole and an onion bun

kobe burger 500x335 Burger Bar   7/4/10

Vegetarian burger topped with mozzarella and eggplant.

veggie burger 500x335 Burger Bar   7/4/10

In addition, we ordered some sweet potato fries.

fries 500x335 Burger Bar   7/4/10

These were simple, good. Often I find sweet potato fries are cut a little thicker than french fries, but these were the same size – which was good. Crispy on the outside with a moist, fluffy interior.

I was satisfied with my burger, but I feel the execution has slipped a notch, somewhat reminiscent of the mediocrity of the San Francisco Burger Bar location.


Burger Bar – 7/4/10 — 2 Comments

  1. The pictures look amazing! I have to agree about their execution. I had such high expectations when I went and I also went to Fleur de Lys that night, but they were such a big let down. Chef Keller is a very sweet man and very sincere when I met him, but I think he needs to oversee his restaurants better. I’m sure a meal from the master himself would be a completely different level. =D

    • Yeah it was a little disappointing that the execution wasn’t quite there. I agree – maybe Chef Keller needs to come out more!

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