Ramen Jinya (Studio City, CA)

Ramen Jinya
11239 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
Dining date: 3/18/11

I first heard about Ramen Jinya from Jonathan Gold’s raving review of it last year. He even called their tonkotsu ramen one of the 10 best dishes of 2010. I really enjoy a good bowl of ramen, so that was more than enough to convince me to try it. However, I didn’t get a chance to until this year’s Gold Standard event. I made 5 different stops at their booth, where they were serving a delicious and soul-satisfying tonkotsu ramen. I knew a visit to their restaurant was in short order.

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A number of pork and chicken broths (and even one seafood) are available, along with a bunch of toppings to customize your bowl exactly how you want it.

Chicken Gyoza

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The lone appetizer was these dumplings. I thought they were just okay – the filling had more of a cabbage flavor than meat, and the gyoza skin had a nice chew to it. I wanted a crispier bottom too. Not really better than some frozen ones you can get.

HAKATA Tonkotsu Ramen – Premium Rich Flavor Pork Broth, Chashu, Flavored Egg, Green onion

hakata 500x335 Ramen Jinya (Studio City, CA)

This particular type of tonkotsu broth is limited to 20 servings a day for some reason, so I felt obligated to try it. My first sip of the milky broth was delicious – a rich, hearty flavor was complemented with the sweetness of onion and pickled ginger. The noodles were excellent as well, with a nice al dente chew. The chashu was lean, yet surprisingly tender and flavorful. My one qualm is I would’ve liked more broth. I think I eat faster than most, but not fast enough to avoid the noodles absorbing much of the broth, ruining my broth-noodle ratio.

YOKOHAMA Tonkotsu Ramen – Original Base Pork Broth, Chashu, Flavored Egg, Green onion

yokohama 500x335 Ramen Jinya (Studio City, CA)

The server said this was the ramen served at the Gold Standard event. It tasted a little different from my memory, but still good. Not as fatty and oily as the Hakata ramen, the pork broth had a lighter, cleaner flavor. All of the other accompaniments were the same.

JINYA Ramen – Chicken Broth, Chicken chashu, Spinach, Green onion, Crispy onion

chicken 500x335 Ramen Jinya (Studio City, CA)

I also had a sip of this broth, a chicken based one. After having a couple of pork broths, this chicken was was noticeably lighter and cleaner, but still hearty. Depending on what I’m feeling like, this would also be a solid option, but I tend to prefer the richer pork broths.

Jinya is a very good place for ramen. I think all of the ramen components are done very well; my only complaint is the soup-noodle ratio. I enjoyed their Hakata ramen over Shin-Sen-Gumi’s, though not over Ippudo’s.


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    • Love everything about Daikokua except the lines. And the cockroaches by the window. It’s a different style, but I like Daikokuya’s eggier noodles better, and I like that they give more broth. Their gyoza are a lot better too.

  1. I enjoyed my ramen at Jinya, but you should head down to the South Bay for a ramen tour next time. Yamadaya, Asa, and Mottanai all make a pretty tasty bowl of ramen without the wait of a Daikokuya.

    • I’ve unfortunately not explored a lot of the South Bay ramen houses (I think the only ones are Shin Sen Gumi and Ramen California), but I really want to. Let me know next time you go!

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