é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

é by Jose Andres
The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Dining date: 3/26/11

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é is Jose Andres’ single-table, eight-person restaurant within a restaurant (Jaleo), serving a 19-course menu similar in format to that of the Saam Room at the Bazaar and Minibar. The menu is strictly product-driven and showcases Andres’ flair for molecular gastronomy.

It’s been on my (and my parents’) radar since word first broke in December – my father’s been wanting to try the Saam Room for a while and hasn’t had the chance; knowing that we’d be in LV, this was a perfect opportunity to try some of Andres’ cuisine.

I’ve never been congratulated by a restaurant for managing to get a reservation. So when the first words I got from é confirming my reservation were “Congratulations, you’ve made it!” I found it a little weird. The email even referred to the meal as a “show,” something I’d typically find off-putting. However, knowing Andres’ flair for the dramatic, I was definitely intrigued. Tickets (literally) to the show are $250 inclusive of alcohol, tax and gratuity.

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The eight seats at the counter circle where the food is prepared, granting the opportunity to see how everything comes together, as well as inviting dialogue about each plate.

Frozen Sangria with Grilled Strawberries

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We started off with this “cocktail” of sorts – sangria frozen with liquid nitrogen. Cool, fruity, refreshing…it was a nice way to start off. The grill really brought out the sweetness of the strawberries, which I thought were very good.

Spanish “Clavel”

6328716535 8d191f82fc é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

An unusual presentation here – this was a mold of Jose Andres’ hand. Since he wasn’t able to serve us in person, he thought this was the next best thing. A clavel means a carnation (the flower), so it made sense when I saw the flower-looking creation in the hand. A little bit sweet, a little bit floral, and very crispy.

Beet Jewelry

6329470630 caf551ccfc é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

Designed to look like rings, the natural crimson color of the beet was perfect topped with some gold dust. It was a really crispy, subtly sweet and a little salty. Kind of like a rolled up potato chip, but beets.

Caramelized Pork Rinds

6328716687 4a9ecbf367 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

I thought these were really well-executed, having a texture kind of like puffed rice. Perfectly crispy with a hint of sweetness.

Membrillo and La Serena Cone

6329470760 e6191e596e é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

Membrillo is a quince paste, here topped with a sheep’s milk cheese in this cone. The cheese was slightly bitter and contrasted well with the sweetness of the quince.

Apple “Brazo de Gitano”

6328716807 7d42f75612 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

Brazo de Gitano is a Spanish dessert consisting of rolled layers of sponge cake and cream. Andres’ interpretation was a really light, dried meringue rolled around a bleu cheese cream. It reminded me of a French macaron – the meringue had the chewy, yielding texture of a macaron shell. A little bit of sweetness from the apple went well with the cheese.

Jose’s Combination: Jose’s Taco and Artichoke with Caviar

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This is actually my third time having Jose’s rendition of the taco (American Wine & Food Festival and Saam Room were the others). It’s so simple – just jamon iberico and caviar. The salty sea flavor of the caviar works so well with the rich ham. The artichoke-caviar combo was a new one for me. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the ham, but it was still good.

Bocata de “Calamares”

6329471022 caa971274c é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

This next dish was inspired by one of Andres’ childhood favorites – a fried squid sandwich. No squid here; instead fried uni (what!) was combined with cucumber, aioli and scallions. I thought this was delicious. The uni was the focal flavor, with a nice crunch from fresh cucumber.

Ajo Blanco

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6328717221 bb2ec3daac é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

Ajoblanco is a cold Spanish soup with bread and almonds as key ingredients. Here, a deconstructed version – we were advised to try each component separately then mix and taste. This was my first time having this type of soup, and I found it to be refreshing, with an almond milk type of consistency.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns with Roses

6328717323 c1430ffc34 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

The spot prawns were perfectly cooked – sweet, juicy…so good. The rose foam was very subtle and wasn’t quite strong enough to add much in flavor.

Smoky Oysters in Escabeche

6329471356 cd2e050915 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

The oysters were encapsulated in a spherification of their own juice and were accompanied with onions and a sweet foam. The dish wasn’t quite as smoky as I thought it would be, but the oysters were a nice burst of flavor, while the onions complemented them well.

Catch of the Day (Turbot)

6328717429 86e3113f86 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

Turbot here was topped with citrus juice pearls (kind of like tapioca balls) and accompanied by fermented black garlic. I’ve never had this garlic before – it tasted like raw garlic, though much more subtle. The fish was nicely cooked, and the citrus was key in adding some acidity.

Whole Lobe of Foie Gras Baked in Salt

6328717491 2b186d6b48 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

6329471584 22c52797e9 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

Impressive presentation! I often see whole fish cooked in this way, but not foie gras. A whole lobe was cooked encrusted in salt, then topped with sea salt and some type of melon and juice. The foie gras was fantastic – melt-in-mouth tender, rich and buttery. I liked the sweetness of the fruits as well to pair.

Secreto of Iberico Pork

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6328717771 b8ae4bc919 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

One of the best pieces of pork I have ever had. The pork here was so well-marbled, it really resembled a sort of toro or wagyu beef. Add to it some black truffles, and this was quite a delicious dish.

Orange Pith Puree La Serena

6329471884 c7ef66593b é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

This dish had the return of the La Serena cheese, served over orange puree. The creamy, salty cheese worked well with the fresh, vibrant orange flavor.

Frozen Apricot Coulant

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6328718011 07ddc86334 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

This was an interesting one – I liked the apricot, along with caramel flavors. Upon breaking the shell, an apricot liquid poured out, mixing with the tangy yogurt.

Apples & Red Wine “Fredy Giradet”

6329472114 6be9540d52 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

Here we had vanilla ice cream in tandem with apples and red wine spherifications. I thought the flavors really meshed here – the creamy and sweet vanilla ice cream was balanced well with apples and red wine flavors.

25 Second Bizcocho

6329472162 cc4c729e09 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

This would be the last dish, looking like a miniature version of the Matterhorn. Light and airy, kind of like a sweet sponge cake.


6329472250 b43cb1f250 é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

We finished with a duo of chocolates: a saffron milk chocolate and an aerated dark chocolate. Both were good, but I especially liked the complexity of the saffron chocolate.

Lobster Paella

6328718289 18e0bfe93e é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

6328718355 5641b614bb é by Jose Andres (Las Vegas, NV)

Seeing the impressive wood-burning paella pit in the restaurant, we had to try it. Graciously, the restaurant obliged and included a taste of this dish at the end. The rice was cooked very well – al dente with a rich saffron-infused flavor. Generous chunks of lobster were spread throughout, but I found them to be borderline overcooked. Still, a very solid rendition of the dish.

Spanish wines were poured throughout the meal and included 1+1=3 Cava Brut NV, Gutierrez Colosia “Sangre y Trabajadero” Oloroso El Puerto de Santa Maria, Estrella Damm Inedit (Ferran Adria’s beer), Lopez de Heredia “Viña Gravonia” Crianza Blanco Rioja, Guimaro and one other.

In all, I thought this was an excellent meal. I preferred this meal over my two visits to the Saam Room; in terms of the food, the playfulness and excitement was still there, but I thought the food tasted much better at é.

The setting was much more intimate and personal. Being able to see how each dish was put together and to get the story behind each dish was integral to the ‘show.’ Service was top-notch and very accommodating – truly, the goal was to make this as complete and enjoyable of an experience as possible.


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  1. man ive been looking forward to hearing your thoughts on e! sounds like it was a success and a step up from ssam room (which i found underdelivered for the price). was e your best meal in vegas this time around? did u hit up twist?

    • Yeah, I thought it was a step up for sure. Did not hit up Twist (my parents do not want to go back), but I’m fully expecting Joel Robuchon tonight to be the best meal. And I do keep hearing excellent things about Raku, so we’ll see!

  2. For this type of meal, I’d imagine that it makes a difference that you can see how they put the dishes together and engage in some conversation about the food. Thanks for sharing this unique meal.

    • The restaurant is very accomodating – if there are particular alcohols you prefer, they can make a cocktail pairing focused on those. A non-alcoholic mocktail pairing is also available, but the price is still the same.

    • For sure a step up – sitting at the kitchen counter makes a world of difference. And I thought the food tasted better. I’d say it’s worth it – I rarely get so close to the food preparation outside of sushi bars.

  3. I plan to visit e next month, reservations willing. I was intrigued that they called the meal a “show”. I was at Tickets in Barcelona last week and was greeted with “welcome to the show”. I responded that I had found “Vegas in Catalonia”. One of the chefs even told me that he had worked for Jose Andres in the US.
    Do you think a meal at e will be similar to Tickets? One obvious difference is that Tickets is a much larger venue.

    • I’m not very familiar with Tickets in Barcelona. I think e is less of a ‘show’ than the admission ticket would imply because it’s definitely first and foremost about the food. The only show really is the experience of getting to watch the food being put together (which is pretty unique in itself).

  4. Do you remember what their photography policy was when you went? Obviously they let you take pictures but were they annoyed at all?

    • Technically cameras aren’t allowed, and you sign a form saying so when you pay for the tickets. However, I asked during the confirmation phone call and they said that they were OK with it as long as the pictures were taken quickly and didn’t detract from the food and experience. Not sure if anything’s changed since then though.

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