Barrel & Ashes (Los Angeles, CA) [2]

Barrel & Ashes
11801 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
Dining date: 4/19/15


We first dined at Barrel & Ashes a few months ago and left impressed. Pedigreed fine dining chefs making BBQ may sound like an odd combination, but it really worked on our first visit. The recent Franklin/Perry Lang BBQ popup in LA got me craving some more BBQ, so a return visit here was in order.


Our party of four was able to order some delicious repeats (brisket, spare ribs) and some new items (short ribs, hoe cake).

Smoked Chicken Wings shaved vegetables, blue cheese

Smoked Chicken Wings shaved vegetables, blue cheese

When we first had these wings, they were smoked; this time, they were smoked and fried. The delicious smoky flavor was still present but with a crunchy exterior. Great bites.

Brisket Greater Omaha C.A.B 1lb
Spare Ribs Salmon Creek Farms half rack
Sausage Electric City Butchers O.G and jalapeno cheddar
Pork Short Rib heritage berkshire pork

BBQ platter

Brisket Greater Omaha C.A.B 1lb

Our pound of brisket included both the lean flat and fatty point. The flat was a little on the dry side; last time, I thought it was more moist. The fatty point, however, was moist and delicious. Great smoke and beef flavors in this brisket. Pork spare ribs were smoky, moist with just a little bit of chew left in the meat. The short rib was fork tender with plenty of fat to make for some rich bites. A gentle smokiness was imbued throughout. Both sausages were good, with the jalapeño cheddar having an oozing cheese mixture to complement the spiced pork filling. Overall some very well-executed barbecued eats.

Hoe Cake

Hoe Cake

We missed the hoe cake our first time here but had to get it this time having heard consistently rave reviews. It didn’t disappoint with a moist cornbread, caramelized bottom and well-balanced sweetness.

Shells & Cheese

Shells & Cheese

Shells had firm texture, standing up to the silky smooth cheese sauce and crunchy breadcrumbs.

Turtle Ice Cream Cake pecans, salted caramel, chocolate

Turtle Ice Cream Cake pecans, salted caramel, chocolate

Dessert was also strong, featuring a moist chocolate cake with good ice cream and plenty of salted caramel. Candied pecans were delicious too.

We had another great meal at Barrel & Ashes. The brisket was the primary item we came for, so it was a little disappointing that some of it was dry this time. However the point cut was delicious and the rest of the meats were very strong too. The smoky fried chicken wasn’t to miss either, and sides and desserts certainly stood up to the rest of the meal.

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